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The Mornings of Disability

A monthly meeting to see more clearly on the professional integration of disabled workers. A short encounter of 1:30 hours in an unusual place aimed at promoting exchanges and discussions on the topic of disability and employment in the private and institutional sectors.

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Publication on Inclusive Entrepreneurship

A perfect preparation for the coming SUPPORTED EMPLOYMENT project meeting in Germany (April 16 – 17th, 2015 in Speyer / Germany) is this publication of the OECD in cooperation with the European Commission. The book collects and synthesizes information and data on entrepreneurship activities in Europe, focusing on people that are at the greatest risk of social exclusion. These groups include young people, older people, women, ethnic minorities and migrants, people with disabilities and the unemployed. 

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Promotion for Inclusive Working Market

In December 2014 in major German magazines and newspapers the Federal Ministry for Work and Social Affairs published full-page advertisements showing data which promote inclusive employment.  Background is the specific German situation concerning skills shortage, which offers chances for persons who are often neglected by the employment market yet. 

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SUPPE meeting in Bordeaux: New employment fields for handicapped people

The 4th SUPPE meeting was held in Bordeaux October 2nd – 3rd, 2014. Partner INSUP offered a most detailed programme providing insight in French funding and support schemes in supported employment, best practices and exchange with institutions and administrative bodies active in employment market preparations for disadvantaged and disabled persons.

Thanks to the presentations of Béatrice Serraj (SRFPH - Schéma Régional Pour la Formation des Personnes handicapées) and Pascale Borgies (AGEFIPH - Association de GEstion du Fond pour l’Insertion professionnelle des Personnes Handicapées) the public support instruments in France could be compared to those in the SUPPE partners’ countries. 

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