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Supported employment for growth of cultural economy

How can supported employment be implemented and managed in the cultural economy? The Austrian Alom Wollmanufaktur, a manufacturer of woolen products, has developed an own model. The company is located in the region of Upper Austria, in a rural area called Mühlviertel (“region of mills”).  Production of textiles from linen and wool have a long tradition in this area and were manufactured for home requirements as well as gaining income for more than 400 centuries until the sixties of the 20th century. Then decline of textile industry started and hit the region hard: companies closed, production stopped, knowledge of textile manufacturing got lost, young people and relevant taxpayers moved away to get jobs in big Austrian cities like Linz and Vienna.

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Proved: Long-Term Effectiveness of Supported Employment

Supported Employment partners discussed in Vienna in the partner meeting May 2nd, 2014 how important it would be to evaluate the long-term effectiveness of supported employment measures. Therefore the publication of a new Swiss study, published June 19th, 2014, is regarded as most interesting for the future activities of the partnership:

Multiple controlled studies have shown that the Individual Placement and Support model of supported employment is more effective than other vocational approaches at improving competitive work over 1-2 years in persons with severe mental illness. The Swiss study done by Universitäre Psychiatrische Dienste Bern (UPD) and the regional government of the Kanton Bern evaluated the longer term effects of Individual Placement and Support compared to traditional vocational rehabilitation over 5 years. 

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SUPPE project partner decide on communication of best practice examples

Supported employment is a strong issue in the countries of the project’s partnership, but the aspect of learning from other countries is of great relevance as well – this is the core message of the SUPPE - country report, which is the first outcome of the SUPPE partnership. The participating institutions from Austria, Germany, France, Cyprus and Slovakia collected information about the implementation of supported employment measures in their countries and identified best practices.

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CARDET coordinates "Supported Employment - Empowerment and Career Development for People with Disabilities" meeting

CARDET participates with partners from Austria, France, Slovakia, and Germany in the Lifelong Learning Program “Supported Employment – Empowerment and Career Development for People with Disabilities” (SUPPE). The SUPPE was launched in August 2013 and will be completed in July 2015.

The overall objective of the project is to raise the awareness of the concept of Supported Employment in the countries of the Partnership, and to promote the values and principles of Supported Employment that are consistent with the concepts of empowerment, social inclusion, dignity and respect for individuals.

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