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Good practice: Supported Employment in Bordeaux restaurants

What about a lunch menu of “Eggs in jelly – salmon with sauce hollandaise, roasted potatoes and zucchini – crème bavaroise with pears and chocolate cream”? At the Restaurant "LE PETIT CREUX” in Bordeaux this is a typical lunch offered to guests of the central historic Bordeaux district. The furniture is modern minimalistic, very chic and in fresh green and orange colors. The tables are perfectly laid with flowers, polished glasses and table napkins. Everything looks like a comfortable place for the noon break, but in fact it is a very different restaurant: Here 3 – 5 underage offenders and young people with slight mental disabilities get the chance to learn cooking and get trained in the restaurant’s service. Partly, the jobs are an alternative to prison sentences. 

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Access to employment for disabled people: the Velenje example

Velenje goes back to the medieval foundation of a castle, but today's image of the city with about 34,000 inhabitants in the northeast of the country and 60 km northeast of the capital Ljubljana is by no means that of a small, historic town. After the Second World War Velenje was developed as an industrial and mining city, and the architecture of the sixties still dominates the cityscape with skyscrapers and multiple dwelling units. With mining it is foreseeable to get to an end, and so Velenje is on the way to reinvent itself to remain attractive to its residents and investors alike. 

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CARDET attends partner meeting in Zilina, Slovakia for "Supported Employment - Empowerment and Career Development for People with Disabilities"

With the occasion of the 4th meeting of the SUPPE Project held in Zilina, Slovakia, on the 4th and 5th of September 2014, the partners discussed the outcomes and upcoming development steps of the project. Project SUPPE is now in the second year of its life and a lot of progress has been made that reflects on the results on the project website. Therefore, the meeting was aiming at discussing the current status and the work that needs to be done in collaboration with all the partners during the following months of its lifecycle. Taking the opportunity of the 4th meeting in Zilina, the partners also had a chance to attend the festival “Jasidielna” that took place in the heart of the town center of Zilina with a theme “One thousand and one night” that comprised of a wide range of events and dissemination activities. 

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Raising awareness for supported employment – the Žilina culture festival for disabled people

September 3rd – 5th, 2014 Supported Employment (SUPPE) partnership met in Slovakian Žilina at partner QUALED. Place and date were carefully chosen as at that time the so called “Jasidielna festival “took place for the 24th time. The event is truly extraordinary as it is a culture festival for persons with mental disabilities. All those people are more than welcome to be creative at the festival, no matter if it is acting, painting, sculpturing, making music. They find a very broad minded audience. During SUPPE meeting several squares in the center of Žilina were busy with over 200 festival participants from Ireland, Turkey, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Portugal, Germany, France and Argentina as well as hundreds of visitors. The atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming. 

But what was interesting under the “Supported Employment headline”? “In the end the festival is an awareness raising event for disabled persons and their abilities”, says Jana Butekova, manager at Slovakian project partner QUALED. “It gets visible for everybody that disabled people have skills like crafts skills, team spirit and – creativity. All these skills are necessary for employment, so for us at Žilina the festival is much more than an inclusion event. Clearly there are a number of additional effects, though they may be indirect ones.”

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