Good practice: illustrated instructions

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Sometimes there are very simple things, which can allow disabled colleagues a successful participation in the labor market: In Seniorenhaus Burgfeld in Speyer, an elderly home of Arbeiterwohlfahrt (Workers' Welfare Association - AWO), head of housekeeping Katrin Detzner developed a simple but brilliant tool. She observed that a disabled employee who has been working with supported employment in the home, had difficulties to follow the correct sequence of activities despite huge efforts. So she designed a work plan with pictures which visualize the processes with simple graphics. Therein, for example, for the kitchen cleaning every process is "broken" in operational steps and small images also show the localization of operations in the kitchen. Result: Satisfaction on all sides!

This example was presented to the project partners of Supported Employment during their study visit in Speyer (Germany) and found spontaneous imitation in France, Cyprus and Slovenia - practical learning of European partners!