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SUPPE partnership ready for future collaboration

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The final SUPPE meeting took place in Austria, July 3rd and 4th, 2015. Herewith the partnership project, funded with support of the European Commission, has come to an end, but the partners understand that their collaboration is at the very beginning.

During the two years project duration the partnership investigated the state of art in Austria, Slovakia, Germany, Cyprus, France and also "special interest countries" outside the partnership like Slovenia. We identified to which levels Supported Employment has been introduced in our countries and showed the standard and skills levels of Supported Employment professionals. We selected best practice examples in the Supported Employment process and got an overview on training materials that can be used by organizations that provide support to people from disadvantaged groups into employment. We elaborated a concept for successful introduction of Supported Employment and career development and actively included people with disabilities in the research and development process in the partnership. All findings are published "ready to share" at the partnerships' website www.supportedemployment.eu.

It came out as a big advantage that the partners represent different backgrounds: Austrian E-C-C contributed with many years' experiences in training of trainers and with access to high-quality best practices. Slovakian QUALED raised awareness about positive indirect effects of the inclusion of disabled persons in the working market and the social understanding of a society. German Association Culture & Work contributed with experiences of training for creative industries and French INSUP specifically deepened our knowledge in training of disabled young people. CARDET, our partner from Cyprus, deepened our understanding of the opportunities of social entrepreneurship for disabled people.

The essence of our experiences is a paper which identifies 12 success factors for Supported Employment. This is the most important outcome of our project and was disseminated broadly. The paper is part of the knowledge base which was continuously built on the website in the resources section. Additionally, around 20 articles reflect topics targeting Supported Employment in general (in the NEWS section). These articles are meant as a source of inspiration for any parties interested in the field.

During the project duration and implementation of the tasks mutual trust and understanding grew in our partnership. Therefore the partners have a common understanding that future collaboration is rooted in the two years of fruitful and successful cooperation and that we will proceed in the development of projects and exchange of knowledge.