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  • Support of Workaday Life for Disabled People: ParkAbility

Support of Workaday Life for Disabled People: ParkAbility

Getting to job interviews or to work might be a big challenge for physically handicapped people in wheelchairs or relying on walking frames: Finding a parking space close to the employer’s place can be a nightmare, specifically if you need to be punctual. Mobile applications like the ParkAbilty app offer a practical solution to the challenge to find a handicapped parking spot.

ParkAbility is an app that offers an innovative service of info-mobility, with the objective of improving and enhancing the accessibility of cities, provinces and regions for disabled people. The application aims to provide easy mobility and greater social inclusion, valuing information assets and ICT solutions for people with mobility difficulties. The application allows getting access to information about selected locations, routes and navigation maps related to the availability and number of parking places reserved for people with special needs. 

The app offers a software application, to visualize open data, meaning information about the geo-location of parking places for people with disabilities. To achieve this goal, a default database has been created which provides information related to the existence and number of parking places for people with disabilities or families with disabled people, of a city or province or region. Once the parking place has been chosen by the user, he/she can reach it from its geo-location using the default navigation function from a smartphone and tablet. 

The app was developed for Android and can be downloaded via Google Play Store. 

Information on the app is available from the developer team at TransTecServices, www.transtecservices.com ,

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

(Karin Drda-Kühn / ACW)