The invasion of large foreign companies in Slovakia in last 10years brings more work opportunities and new regulations in employment policies. The companies create new work environment and work placements for people with disabilities. On the other hand not only large companies contributing to create new jobs, but other institutions like community centres, non-profit organizations are active in this field, and in the fact that this centres creating work space and cooperate with large companies to offer manual job as subcontracted service (manufactory). The specialized centre called Sheltered workshop are created on the purpose to employ disabled people.

Here are some examples of good practices that are currently active in the labour market and create opportunities for employment and on the other hand the active search engines for employers to obtain more clear information about the possibilities of employment and job opportunities for people with disabilities in the labour market.

A) Best practice: Employment: Slovenská chránená dielňa (Slovak Sheltered Workshop)

20151007 The Slovak sheltered workshop ( is one of the largest sheltered workshops in Slovakia employing currently 35 people with disabilities. Out of all sheltered workshops (SW) we have the most comprehensive and extensive range of services and manufacturing. The SW has 7 workshops in the area of textile manufacturing, graphic & printing, tailoring, packaging, bookbinding, remanufactured toners, confectionery workshop.

Thus, the workshop is extremely flexible to fill the new and atypical wishes / requirements. Employing only people with reduced work capacity, who occasionally or regularly manufacture goods or provide services for companies and who work on the same professional level as healthy people. The workshop aims to recruit in particular long-term unemployed people and people with mental handicaps.

Mr. Kopún from Slovak sheltered workshop attributes the success of this sheltered workshop to the tenacity and diligence and devotion, which he puts into the workshop. Unfortunately, this often goes to the detriment of his family - a lot of time is spent at work. He listens to workers carefully and tries to meet their wants and needs. He offers jobs to the long-term unemployed and as he mentions - this work is redemption for the people who are registered at the labour office for more than two years.

The marketing of the Slovak Sheltered Workshop is done by the marketing department and each employee has his/her own way. Basically it is about letting the HR management of the surrounding companies know about the fines resulting from non-compliance with the law (unless they employ disadvantaged people or buy from them products or services, they must pay a fine to the state). Then, the companies buy from the sheltered workshop promotional gifts or Christmas gifts for their employees.

The Slovak Sheltered Workshop tries to meet the diverse needs of companies and after years of operation, it offers a very wide variety of goods and services. One of the challenges that the sheltered workshop is facing is that the companies often order goods and services at the end of the year - at Christmas time, what results in an uneven distribution of work. It would help, if the company would have to spend a part of the money intended for these purposes until June.

The education of the new employees is done "on the fly" - the workshop doesn’t have any educational materials and has no room to develop any.

B) Internet portal – search engine Sheltered workshops (,


Slovakia has the largest database of jobs on one place operated by This page is visited daily by more than 500 jobseekers. In this website people may search for jobs, post resumes and so do not have to look for work through employment agencies. It is the largest Internet search engine and online recruitment in Slovakia. A reliable search not only for job seekers but also for firms and companies seeking workforce, providing relevant and timely information from the field of law, innovations in the labour market and advises the applicants in the labour market to succeed in the labour market and other practical information during the working life.

In 2013 Job portal launched a new Internet browser that pays attention to employment of people with disabilities and provides a comprehensive list of sheltered workshops in Slovakia, which offer job opportunities in the country. The primary purpose of the portal is motivating employers to create job opportunities for the disabled. According to Law no. 5/2004 on Employment Services is a company that employs more than 20 employees shall employ 3.2% of disabled citizens, and failure to do so, the lack of any such state employee pay deductions for failure to comply with the mandatory proportion of employment of persons with disabilities. The second option is to use substitute performance and award a contract or buy the products and services of the sheltered workshop (Alternative admission) employing people with disabilities. Therefore, the internet browser offers possibility to find company to support sheltered workshops and it is informative website for companies and employees to gain more knowledge about the employment of people with disabilities and promote them as companies’ active in creating job opportunities. The website doesn’t offer the possibility to search specific vacancies for disabled.